overhead press

What is the overhead Squat good for?

I’m sure a lot of my clients wonder why I make them do the overhead squat, so here it is in a nutshell.


If you suffer with any of the following:
A rigid thoracic spine that can’t extend. A weak core. Inflexible hips, knees, and ankles or  pectorals that pull the shoulders and upper back forward.
Then doing overhead squats can  help relieve these issues and make your body limber.


Most people sit hunched over a desk all day, this puts your torso into constant flexion, your shoulders and scapulae are pulled forward, making it uncomfortable when your arms are behind your head.
The overhead squat can help your body learn how to extend your thoracic spine. Putting your upper body into an extended position can improve the health of your spine and shoulders. It will correct your posture and improve all your lifts in the gym.


The overhead squat works your core hard because your torso is elongated, the tension in your deep inner-core muscles will be very intense.


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